Do You Have The Organic Mojo?

To me more going organic is more than just a health choice it’s a way of seeing the world.

When I meet someone who is really into organics I know there are some  similar values we share. I know we have the same mojo. Looking after our earth & the environment. Its an understanding that we are all part of the world. Our actions feed back into the environment. We are people who can see the actions of today feed not just into the consequences of today, tomorrow, a week, a month or a life time, but generations.


“If somebody offered me Cyanide, my only question would be, Is it organic? Because organic is always the healthier option.”- Jarod Kintz

For me living organic is more than just your health, the environment, or doing the right thing.


Organics & Business

For the producers of organic goods and products, is it their love of the environment, creating the healthiest food, or just a way to make an extra dollar? Another marketing campaign. Often I see food brands labelled organic but they don’t get it. Organic isn’t a brand, a stamp you can just through on your products. People who live organic are to smart for something like that.

Does it really matter the intention behind a business going organic?

I think it does. You can see many products stamped organic and sure don’t get me wrong it’s great, but it’s not the same as someone or a group of people passionate about organic food.

There is something about someone who makes or grows their own organic produce or products with love.
It’s the people behind the product that love and live organic that makes it feel so special.

It’s the organic farmer who does it for the love of the land he works with. It’s the NZ food product you know someone is so passionate about, like a reflection of their own lives, in a little packet of organic food. Sometimes it’s like I am just eating something made from people that have the same values outlook and life, with  a whole lot more skills than I have and here it is all in the simplicity of this beautiful organic food.

There is organic food, and then there are the NZ’ers who love everything about being organic. It’s more than just passion about food, more than just health, and more the just the environment. It’s how they live their life and the values they live their by, and I when I share some food even if its bought as I take a bite I get to share that with them.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates