The equipments to ensure a 100 percent pest-free home.

pest control Auckland  has the best solution to your ever annoying guest inside your closet and cupboard.

Say goodbye to Mr. Mice and Mrs. Wasp.  Mice and wasps are one of the top ten most common pests inside the house. You often invite wasps when you have cavities on your walls and ceilings. Once they got in and find it comfy, it’s just so hard to send the away. Mice of course will find their own nice place in any parts of the house. They will gnaw and chew your favourite snack and even your most cozy couch.

During summer, ants invade your lawn. But ants also like to visit your cupboard for food. And the most dangerous of all is the fat rat in the basement. They are nasty and could eat from your electrical wires. Don’t be surprise if a fire is set out by a house rat.

So it is one good thing if you know how to get rid them off your house as soon as you suspect them sneaking around. How will you do that? That is the job for professionals with intensive training in pest control and extermination. We have the best knowledge and equipment to ensure a 100 percent pest-free home.